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Make your plans NOW to come be with us to CELEBRATE the 60 years of our wonderful relationship with the great community of 
Clarendon, Donley County, and the surrounding area!  

This celebration of the Sandell will benefit the "Bring Back The Mulkey" effort this Saturday, August 29 with a "Elvis" double feature. 
(Check out the wonderful 'secret' story behind the celebration here.) Free admission with your $6 donation to the Mulkey.

Status Update on the Mulkey restoration project: "The house lights are on again and the new accessible seating area is under construction."
Help "Bring Back the Mulkey" with a tax-deductible donation to the Clarendon Community Fund, PO Box 826, Clarendon TX 79226.

The gate opens at 7:00 pm and the show starts after dark (which for this weekend, is approximately 8:15 PM).
Admission for this special double-feature is FREE, with your $6 per person donation to the "Bring Back The Mulkey" fund.
As usual, ages 3 and under free.

Come early on your night at our theater for outstanding homemade food in the concession stand.  
Be sure and order what we are sure is the best burgers in the Texas Panhandle! Hope to see y'all there!!!

The mission of our theater is to feature the best in movie entertainment  for your pleasure on weekends during the
April through August 2015 season. 
  Our theater is also available for parties, weddings, and other occasions year-round.

Arrive early for our great
concession food.

You'll love our burgers,
the best in town!


Now Showing - August 29th Only

1st Feature:

89 min.

2nd Feature:

 SPINOUT (Trailer)
   90 min.


All admission FREE with your $6 per person donation to the "Bring Back The Mulkey" fund, ages 3 and under free.                           
"ELVIS", PINK AND BLACK, AND THE SANDELL:                       


The Sandell Drive-In, in the beginning, was the dream vision of Gary and Nell Barnhill. The couple had met at a movie theater in Dalhart, Texas as he was walking out
and she was going in. Later, as a married couple with two young daughters living in Turkey, Texas, they purchased the land where the Sandell Drive-In is now located
in Clarendon, Texas. After moving to the town, they began construction on January 8th, 1955, that date being Elvis Presley’s 20th and Nell Barnhill’s 35th birthdays.
Coincidently, it was also the present owner’s first birthday. The two Barnhill daughters, Sandra and Adelle, were smitten with the young singer. The name Sandell,
derived from a combination of the girls’ names, featured colors influenced by Elvis’s pink and black Cadillac. In 1955, Elvis was just starting to rock and roll. In 1956,
he starred in his first movie, “Love Me Tender,” and went on to make 31 more Hollywood films.

The Sandell’s construction was completed by August of 1955 and opened the weekend before Labor Day. The screen tower’s construction required 20 holes,
hand dug 2-3 ft. in diameter, 14 ft. deep, and filled with steel and concrete for the foundation. The framework required two semi-truck loads of steel, weighing
97 tons, which was welded and bolted to the steel in the concrete. The frame was covered with bolted-on 2x6’s, and the screen side was completely sheeted
with 1x lumber, then covered with 4x8 concrete, board-like sheets. The screen measures 70’ wide and 35’ high, and the tower is 50’ high. It is 15’ up to where
the screen starts. The concession stand’s cinder block construction is pretty much just like it was in 1955, with the addition of steel security doors, new digital
projection equipment, and modern amenities like FM transmitted to your car radio. The Sandell has, since the very beginning, been famous for its wonderful
burgers and homemade chili. That continues to this day.

At its peak, Texas had 532 drive-ins. That number dwindled down in the 80s, probably due to VCRs entering the scene. Affected by the slow business this new
technology created, the Sandell closed its doors in 1984. It was reopened in 2002 as the 16th functional drive-in in the State of Texas. John Morrow and family
envisioned it making a comeback, so they purchased it, refurbished it, and re-lit the screen. They now want to celebrate its 60th year of existence with a
get-together to watch two Elvis movies. Proceeds will be donated to the Mulkey theater project on the 29th of August 2015.



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